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Meet the Artist / Stacy Haggard
Spring - Summer 2021

Artist Spotlight

artist statement
Stacy Haggard is an Oklahoma-based artist where she has been painting for 8 years. In college, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in interior design. Her first foray into painting came when her sister asked for help creating a design in her daughter's room. From that point on, Stacy knew that painting was her calling. After creating a few items for her personal use, others began requesting their own original pieces. Now she enjoys painting because it allows her to connect with others - bringing them happiness through her creations.

"It felt good that people love my work!" Stacy is glad that her art can make people, "smile like it makes me smile...I just love to bring joy to others through my art."

Her goal for her painting is that they will spread happiness. "To think art can lift one's mood and make them happy is the ultimate compliment! It's why I do what I do!"

Stacy describes her style as being abstract, and she mostly uses acrylics and ink - and sometimes oil. But ultimately, she is always excited to try new techniques and grow as an artist. Experimentation dominates her artists' outlook, and she thinks of it as the key to learning.

Stacy is a mother of 6, and when she isn't painting she loves spending time with her kids and husband Earle. She enjoys exercising and going to the beach, and she puts Jesus before all else. Her goals in life are similar to her goals for painting: she seeks to find the light and joy in others and bring it to the forefront of their lives.

Here's a small preview of what's currently on The Gallery walls...

Be sure to stop by and see us for a full preview anytime or meet the artist night, where we'll celebrate Wine Down Wednesday with Thirst Wine Merchants and amazing art!

Interested in purchasing one of Stacy's original pieces? 

All current pieces will be available for purchase starting April 28th at our Artist Showcase evening.

Commissions also available.

Final art purchase will require a final top coat and possible touch ups from the artist before it can make its way to its new home.

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